My goal to be better at keeping up on the blg hasn't gone through, but I can keep trying...

Kyle is getting enough hair that I'mhaving fun making it curly. He loves being in his Jeep walker.

Kyle's 1st birthday. he poked the cake a few times, but wasn't too interested in feeding himself. He liked to have me feed him though.

Kyle got this train with letter blocks. He can sit on the back and push the engine.

Kyle's first Christsmas. We were at my parent's house.

Kyle was wondering why we put Max in a box in the closet.

My only Christmas present I got at the U. (it was from a white elephant exchange)

Kyle loves playing in his new bouncer/activity center. Thanks to Rebecca to letting us use this.

This is Max practicing his rock star skills with Bon Jovi's "Livin' On a Prayer." His Favorite song to rock out to is still the Rocky theme song.

If there is anyone still reading these... WOW! I thought you would have given up a long time ago.

I'm on a kick of making goals right now so I thought I should share so then maybe someone will hold me accountable.

1) upload and share pics and videos that I have on my phone
2) write a blog a week
3) read "The Holy Temple" by Boyd K. Packer
4) listen/watch and read all of the talks in the upcomming General Conference
4) exercise at least 4 days a week for 30 minutes.
5) actually plan a few date nights

These are my goals for the month of October. I don't know if Jeremy has any, but i'll lethim do his own.

Kyle and mom at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden Aug 2009 Kyle texting July (?) 09

Mom and Kyle snuggling May 09

Kyle watching dad playing soccer April or May 09

Kyle airing out his feet on a RSL game day June 09

I guess Kyle wasn't liking listening to Conference in April 09

So...sorry I've been a slacker. Now you get a small taste of what we've been doing. I'm working on getting more pics to the computer now that I know how to send them from my cell.

Ever since I started bringing Kyle to work with me and we started a new data entry program at work, I have been swamped, and not able to contribute to our blog. Here are a couple of new pictures of my beautiful wife and precious son.

Here is Kyle getting ready to go to the RSL VS DC United game

Here is Kyle hanging out in his bouncer chair at work

Amanda and Kyle at Carnival Real, both wearing their #5 Beckerman Jersey's.

Here is Amanda and Kyle at the Loyalist's pre-season game BBQ.

Here is a family Portrait Easter 2009

For those who haven't seen or heard about Kyles room, here it is.

Here is a panorama of his furniture. (there is some new pieces and rearranged a little since this was taken)

Yes, we made it into a RSL room. Here is his wall boarder that goes all the way around the room. There is also a new addition to the wall. My sister-in-law has painted the RSL shield on the wall, but it's not quite done so I haven't included it.

Cathy & Max holding Kyle

excuse me did I do that??

Get that camera out of my face

Pick me! pick me!